How to Make CHANGE Work for YOU to Become the Best That You Can Be and BEYOND…

Things only get better by change, not by chance. For things to change, you must change.”

 Marilyne Woodsmall,

The Story of Jaren: Keeper of the Clean Heart Grid®  

         Do you happen to be a person who is uncomfortable with change? Are you a person who prefers to live life in the status quo? Or are you a person who welcomes change with open arms? The question is why are you one way or another?

I am asking you this all important question because I consider it to be one of the core life issues you will have to contemplate and answer at this pivotal point in the history of human consciousness for several reasons:

  1. We, you and I, are witnessing diverse and rapid changes around the globe that affect all aspects of our lives, whether it be in the area of what I call dis-education, our dwindling natural resources, threats to our safety, catastrophic meteorological events, etc. All of this implies making adjustments, in other words, CHANGE. It means that you have to be ready to handle change of some sort to deal with these occurrences whatever the source. It means that you are meant to be the best that you can be and BEYOND to make a difference in the world.  It is about your ability to CHANGE or not.
  2. We, you and I, are in the midst of a planetary awakening or major shift in consciousness that has been in the works for decades and is now front and center so to speak.  The old way is no longer the way to think, to behave, and, in short, it is no longer the way to be. It is no longer about the old way. It is all about the new way, the new paradigm, what I began calling in the 1990’s “The New Way of Being” or “The New Essence of Being”™.  Moving from the old paradigm to the new paradigm involves personal growth and transformation on all levels. As I say in The Story of Jaren: Keeper of the Clean Heart Grid®, “For things to change, YOU must change.” The time has come to go BEYOND the best that you can to new levels of being. Once again, it is about CHANGE. Your ability to CHANGE or not.
  3. Given the current shift that is manifesting in all areas of life, I believe that you, that all of us, are meant to live out our life’s mission. You are meant to be doing what you are here to do. As such, this may mean tweaking certain aspects of your life to adapt to new people, to new things, to new relationships, to new situations that are arising all around you, almost magically, yes magically, at times. Have you been open to them? These are no coincidences, and I’ll talk about this aspect of change at a later time. The time has come to go BEYOND the best that you can be, even in your new relationships and situations. It is all about CHANGE. Your ability to CHANGE or not.
  4. With the current planetary awakening, we, you, I are here to tap into our inner power that has always been accessible to all of us; and yet has in some cases it has remained dormant.  No more is this the case. Whether you consciously realize it or not, you are here at this very point in our planet’s history to go BEYOND the best that you can be so that you become the creative and competent leader, the active participant and the passionate contributor to the world that you are meant to be. It is all about CHANGE. YOUR ability to CHANGE or not.
  5. With the amazing, ongoing technological advances developing right before our eyes, our lives are changing by the nanosecond. We, you and I, get news and information (not always of quality) that bombard us from all sides: emails, web 2.0, smart phones, YouTube, Twitter, FaceBook, etc. These all represent changes in your lifestyle, far BEYOND that which you can only imagine, given how things were just a few years ago. Likewise, the time has come for you to go BEYOND the best that you can be. Once again, it’s all about CHANGE.  Your ability to CHANGE or not.

The Mind Coach®, in The Story of Jaren, teaches him a great deal about CHANGE, and in particular how to CHANGE so that he can go beyond the best that he can be to carry out his soul’s mission.

The powerful wind of CHANGE is on a special course…that of transforming the entire planet. The world in which you live is all about CHANGE, whether you like it or not. And this is just the beginning for there is so much more to come.  To best master what is to come, you must go within yourself to meet the change first hand. Given that flux has become the way of life for you, for me, for all of us, I’d like to ask you an important question.

Have you asked yourself why you are how you are specifically when it comes to change?  What’s your ability to deal with change or not be able to deal with change? Your ability (or willingness) is directly connected to your perceptual filter that determines how you take in information about the world around you.

Furthermore, this perceptual filter is a mental habit that determines your life choices and behaviors. In this case, the life choice refers to how you deal with change in your life, to the degree to which you can tolerate change, and in what contexts of your life.

This mental habit or perceptual filter corresponds to a specific behavioral pattern that is based on the following fundamental human truth: you are a creature of habit. And because you are a creature of habit, you behave in a predictable way that can be calibrated. You maybe aware or not of the physical habits which are part of your daily life… you go to work, you eat, you sleep, etc.  You follow certain patterns in your thinking, your working, your eating, your texting, etc. However, your habits are not just physical in nature.

When it comes to your ability to deal with change, I am referring to your mental habit, or your mental pattern that is outside of your conscious awareness, which determines your acceptance or rejection regarding change.  I call it your Change People Pattern™. And your Change People Pattern™ reveals so much about you. It reveals your proclivity for change or not, and to what degree you handle change or not, whatever the case may be. It reveals how you associate your past experience to your present experience. Moreover, your Change People Pattern™ discloses a great deal about your lifestyle.

For the purpose of simplicity here, I will mention the two major aspects of the Change People Pattern™ (There are actually four of them.): Sameness and Difference. Each one corresponds to the perceptual filter, or mental habit in which you engage when taking in the millions of sensory stimuli which bombard you every second of every day. And each one, whether you are sameness or difference, is your perceptual filter that personalizes your own unique experience.

If you are uncomfortable with change, you are what I refer to as a sameness person. This means you prefer a routine to your life. You are a person who likes the status quo and one who detests any thought of change or transformation. Change takes you outside of your comfort zone where you feel totally disconnected to what is happening around you.

If you are a pure sameness person, you welcome the status quo and you prefer to maintain continuity in your lifestyle. You are the type of individual who stays in a job for many years, if not for an entire lifetime.

On the other hand, if you are person who thrives on diversity, you are what I refer to as a difference person.  Change is your way of life. If this is how you experience the world, this means that you detest the status quo. Things, people and situations that embody sameness are utterly and completely boring to you. You abhor repetition and all that is the same.

For a difference person, variety is the spice of life and this is the realm in which you thrive on all levels. You love building from scratch, using your creativity as fuel for unique and innovative ideas and things.

There are two other elements making up the Change People Pattern™, which reflect the degree to which you either welcome change with some familiar elements interjected now and then into your life, or whether you prefer continuity with occasional diversity. I will discuss them at a later time.

In the context of this discussion about CHANGE, where are you? No matter whether you are a difference person or a sameness person, it’s time to realize that CHANGE is the name of the game in our present day world. There is no right or wrong, you are who you are meant to be.

As I mentioned earlier, whether it be changes in education, in politics, in technology, in our environment, CHANGE is here to stay. As more and more people awaken to the shift, CHANGE will take even more rapid strides through time. So you need to be ready.

There are several things that you can do to make it easier to adapt to CHANGE (if you are a sameness person) or to make it more fun and different  (if you are a difference person).

First, the key to adapting to CHANGE is to engage in behavioral change. When you make the decision to change your behavior to adapt to new situations and to transformations within yourself (hopefully you and all those around you learn and grow to different degrees), you will be amazed at how much you will evolve to higher levels, whether it be in performance enhancement in your profession, in your relationships, or on a personal level with your personal growth and evolution.

In 1990, I wrote a story called “The Story of Jaren: Keeper of The Clean Heart Grid®”. In it, the Mind Coach® teaches the young Jaren specific tools for lasting behavioral change, so he can reach higher levels of being and new levels of performance to be the best that he can be and beyond. Young Jaren learns The Laws of Elite Performance™, which I also call The Nine Mind Energies™. These Mind Energies™ are based on my professional modeling of top Olympians and other elite performers in a variety of fields.

You too, can reach a higher level of being and trigger CHANGE if you allow yourself to do so by making the requisite behavioral changes to get you where you want to go.

Jaren also learns about his true purpose or mission in life from the Mind Coach®, just as you are doing so in some way in your own life at the present time, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

Second, the time has come to acknowledge that CHANGE is here. Burying your head in the sand will only make it more challenging. As the Mind Coach® tells Jaren: “For things to change, YOU must change.”  Jaren learns the importance of changing both his mental and physical habits, i.e. his mental and physical patterns that get in the way of true success.

So you see, dealing with CHANGE can be easier than you think, even if you are a sameness person.

So if you are uncomfortable with CHANGE, if you are a sameness person, there are ways you can deal with CHANGE if you take the time. The key is to make the changes one step at a time in order to avoid the feelings of overwhelm.  First, you have to have a Success Plan, as described in the The Story of Jaren, and which is one of The Laws of Elite Performance™. You must lay out the precise steps for your success in incorporating a specific change.

Third, you must learn the behavioral tools to change, be patient with the learning, and consolidate the learning until it becomes part of your very being. And then you adopt the following mindset: Expect the Unexpected. To Expect the Unexpected is also one of the Nine Mind Energies™. As the Mind Coach® tells Jaren:  “An Elite Performer must be open to new possibilities of action.”

Obviously, if you are a difference person, you thrive on change and behavioral change allows you more possibilities for personal growth and for learning new things about yourself and others.

Finally, whether you are a sameness person or a difference person is not the issue. It is not a question of one being better than or worse than the other. It is simply who you are. The important question is, how do you evolve to the next level so that you can be the best that you can be and BEYOND?  Evolution implies CHANGE. Personal change. How do you invite change in a way that is meaningful to you given where you are in life?

CHANGE IS “THE NEW WAY OF BEING” so it is critically important that you:

  1. know your Change People Pattern so you will know what you need to do to enhance your life, and to live the life you are meant to live, given the current shift in consciousness in our world.
  2. recognize the Change People Pattern™ and express Gratitude (one of my Divine Nine Laws™ from The Story of Jaren: Keeper of The Clean Heart Grid ®) for whichever pattern is yours.
  3. assimilate humility into your change (one of my Divine Nine Laws™) knowing that you are a part of a greater Whole, with each of you playing a part in the magnificent co-creation process of The New Way.
  4. make the decision to make the changes and to go BEYOND the best that you can be, doing so on every level of your being.

Why? Because:

  1. the old way is fading and fading quickly with each passing day
  2. the new way, The New Way of Being™ is here to stay.

What remains to be seen is whether or not you will take the challenge and move BEYOND your comfort zone of no change to wondrous, life transforming change…to go BEYOND the best that you can be to live out your true purpose in life.

Are you ready?  Remember what I say in The Story of Jaren:

 “Things only get better by change, not by chance. For things to change, you must change.”

 The choice is yours.

In reading this post, leave some comments about what you have learned about yourself.  Do you welcome change or has change been scary for you?  Did this post bring you new insights about yourself?

I invite you to share your experiences…

With gracious gratitude,

Marilyne Woodsmall,

The Mind Coach®





In an increasingly fast paced and complex world of information and data (much of it dumbed down), now, more than ever, the time has come to guide our children and our young people who are the future leaders of our world, and our adults as well, onto an enlightened path.

            The Story of Jaren: Keeper of The Clean Heart Grid’® leads those who are ready onto a powerful path — one that is the embodiment of one’s true mission in life and one that embodies the unique mission of one’s soul. The Story of Jaren: Keeper of The Clean Heart Grid’® guides those who are ready onto a path of personal enlightenment that results in a journey of meaningful self-discovery and ultimately to personal transformation of a noble kind. Yes, NOBLE, because in order to make significant changes on our planet, we MUST make choices of a NOBLE nature to ensure a better world. Arbitrary and irresponsible choices are no longer valid. A path of mediocrity is no longer an option if we are here to help change the world.

            We need a path of a higher order. The path you enter as you read or listen to The Story of Jaren: Keeper of The Clean Heart Grid’®is indeed a path which most children and teenagers and adults in the masses do not walk as part of their daily lives and activities. In this story, it is not a path that encourages violence, cruelty and disrespect towards any living creature (or inanimate object for that matter) which is the path taken by many video games, movies and irresponsible websites. (Tragically, we are witnessing violence more frequently then ever among young people, even among young girls; and the time is now to take action.) It is not a path of vulgarity which is often the one taken by much of our youth as reflected in their choice of language, dress and actions. It is not a path of narcissism, ego or greed which we witness on every level of society in today’s self-oriented culture of entitlement.

            It is, instead, the path embodied by The ‘Clean Heart Grid’®. For parents, children and educators, this is a path of wisdom, and a special brand of wisdom, for that matter. This is a brand of wisdom that teaches certain cherished notions that appear to have almost vanished from many circles of our present day society in the US as well as in the rest of the globe. The wisdom referred to in The Story of Jaren: Keeper of The ‘Clean Heart Grid’® is, in part, about developing character and a strong moral fiber. It is about the beautiful qualities of a ‘clean heart’, for it is our “clean heartsthat are key to bettering ourselves and our world. And in reading or listening to this story, you will discover exactly what it means to be of “clean heart” and you will experience first hand the vibrations of The Clean Heart Grid’®.

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            Parents and educators, with the quickening pace of events and things in general, it is now time that you take back YOUR responsibility as guardians of our children. Let Jaren and the Mind Coach® be your guide! Parents and educators, the time has come to maintain high standards of behavior and to lead by example rather than to allow children and adults as well to get caught up in the societal chaos of egotistical idiocy and irresponsible life style choices that negatively impact all of us by creating toxicity in people as well as in our environment. Let Jaren and the ‘Mind Coach’® be your guide!

            It is time that more and more people learn to be of clean heart and to embody the qualities of “The Clean Heart Grid®.


Are you ready, now, to find out how?